A Live Demonstration with Elliott Connie and Adam Froerer

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Elliott Connie and Adam Froerer
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One of the best ways to learn the Solution Focused Approach is to watch it in action, the problem is getting access to session content can be challenging. This is due to the privacy laws in our field as well as sessions usually being about sensitive subject matter. So when an opportunity to observe a session comes along you better not miss it! 

That's what this event is. A brave and generous person has agreed to participate in a session with Elliott Connie and be observed by a live audience. This is a special opportunity and will feature...
  • An opportunity to see the approach in action from the leading Solution Focused porfessional in the world.
  • Hear key concepts and ideas displayed during the session as expained by Adam Froerer (one of the leading researchers and theorists in the world).
  • An opportunity to ask questions to the clinician about what was guiding the session (and perhaps a chasnce to ask the client questions if they agree).
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